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Get to know the
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8 Week Online Training

Healing is an ability that can be developed.


Hey, Healer!

Are you ready for 8-weeks of Discipline, Focus, Clarity, Kindness & Gratitude?

HOLINESS HEALS. At the core of The Healing Cure is the work we do around identifying your "location" which is the environment you surround yourself with based on your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. 

We will stay focused on changing your mind, on choosing what you REALLY want, raising your vibration along with your energy level and getting you in the flow of a new story and new possibilities and new beliefs that do not involve sickness, grievances, drama, conflict and worry. 

We will work to get you moving and unstuck. You will write your own treatment plan for your new life, chosen by you, written by you, designed by you and created by you that you’ll achieve by the end of this program.

All healing occurs with three things ...

Everything that seems to happen to you, you asked for. Sickness is a decision for isolation, weakness and separation. It is the result of a belief that you are a body. But like all decisions, it can be undone. Now you can make a new decision for life, truth, love, aliveness, happiness, healing and gratitude. 

When you began identifying yourself as a body, separate from others, you wandered far away from home, which is the Love You Are. There is only one thing to do. Stop what you are doing. Change direction. And come on home. 

Your holiness is the answer to all your problems. It can remove all pain, end all suffering and solve all problems. Through your holiness the power and presence of God is made available. And there is nothing the power of God cannot do. 


One time payment of $497


The Healing Cure is LIVE and INTERACTIVE with LIsa Natoli during January and February 2020 for 8 Weeks

Access to 8 weeks of brand new (never-been-seen-before!) videos, weekly written messages and weekly practices and assignments.  

Each week you get one or more videos where I walk you through a series of different practices designed to help you remember the truth of who you are, stay centered and connected, and bust up your limited beliefs that are keeping you sick, sad and stuck. 


Each week you get new written messages to support, encourage and inspire you to keep moving forward, to discover what’s been lurking in your unconscious, and to become way more aware of how your thoughts, words and beliefs are creating your reality. Find out what you have been doing to sabotage your life and then DO something to change. 


Each week you get a new practice designed to help you see and think in new ways.

Your holiness can remove all pain, can end all sorrow, and can solve all problems. It can do so in connection with yourself and with anyone else.” -A Course in Miracles 

The Healing Cure offers support, guidance, inspiration and encouragement for 8-weeks as you change your location and “point of viewing” from a body-self to your True Self as holiness and light.


Think of a car when the gas light goes on or when the low pressure tire signal starts flashing. You don’t ignore it. You shift your attention to taking care of the issue. No big deal. If you ignore it, you’ll have bigger problems (like a car on the side of the road or a flat tire). With sickness and symptoms, there is an underlying “problem” that needs your attention: your belief in separation, your belief that you are a body. What most people do is try to fix the symptom which only covers the problem, without addressing what REALLY needs healing.


Most people get a symptom and simply try to get rid of it. That only masks the underlying problem. A symptom is trying to tell you something. It is the body’s way of communicating with you that something that needs to be changed or balanced. How can you listen and learn from symptoms to make changes in your thinking and in your life?



In this 8-week course, you will stop trying to heal.

You will make A DECISION to focus exclusively on your True Self – your changeless Reality – for 8 weeks, every day. You will enter into a Great Experiment – call it a Science Project – to put aside all your attempts to heal, change, fix or improve the body.

It’s 8-weeks. Why not?

For 8-weeks, can you stop trying to heal the body? Can you stop checking the internet for cures?

For 8-weeks, you will continue to do whatever you are currently doing. If you are on a special diet or taking pills or seeing a doctor, you will continue to do all that. Our work together will focus exclusively on healing the mind that thinks it’s a body, so that you know your Self – the Presence and Power of God.

You’re not a body. Sickness is impossible. If you think you’re sick, if you are experiencing sickness or pain, you are identifying yourself as a body. And then … sickness seems very real.

All sickness is a belief in separation. It is the belief that you are a body, alone, separate from others, your Self and God.

All sickness is a decision, made by you, to be as you are not.

Healing is a decision to be your Self again.

The intention of The Healing Cure is to shift your perspective (your location – your point-of-viewing) from body-identification to the Truth of What You are. This changes the entire way you view life.

All my love,


When You Join The Healing Cure You’ll Receive:

  • Eight weeks of video lessons with Lisa (with lifetime access)

  • A Private Facebook Group where you can connect and meet other Healing Cure members who are actually doing the work and being who they truly are, the light of the world, their Healed Whole True Self which is not a body. 

  • Mind-Training Mastery exercises and practices to motivate you to stay centered, clear and connected in the Love You Are. 

  • Support, Encouragement, Inspiration

  • Live Weekly Group Zoom Calls for 8-weeks during January & February 2020 with Lisa

Money Back Guarantee

Join for 30 days. If this program is not for you, tell us within 30 days and we'll refund your money. No questions asked. Simple as that.

"Oh Lisa!!! I love love love the Healing Cure!! Bless your heart!! Thank you!! While listening to the first video I felt to really get what you were saying about the body attachments as opposed to true inner knowing connection. I find that the more I read & listen to A Course in Miracles & similar teachings, the deeper their wisdom stirs me away from the dream. It's a perfectly orchestrated dance. Prayers get answered every single day. It's so much easier to see the miracles when grievances aren't leading the way. The jump from conditioning to truth is really a very small step. It's just a change in perception. Amazing! This year will be a marvelous year! I love you, friend! "

Jane Riordan

""I just started this program on 12-15-18 and in the first few minutes the dominant thought was "and Lisa said if this is not working for you in 30 days I will give you your money back" This is working for me in the first 3 minutes and continues to get better. I love this, bless you Lisa with much Love""


"LISA! I love the Healing Cure! YOU ARE AMAZING!! AN INCREDIBLE DEMONSTRATION!!! Words really cannot express the depth of gratitude and adoration I feel for how you show up in the world. You are a champion of the light and a beautiful cheerleader. Wooot! Wooot! Thank you for being the light of the world. "


"Lisa, This is the BEST class ever!! I am finding myself so excited to get up each morning and live my day as the truth of who I am. I have never surrounded my self with so much positiveness. There is something so all encompassing and very powerful about this. It's like the inner knowing just comes alive and seems to pick up from where is left off before the deep sleep took over. In just 7 days my panic attacks have gone from 10+ to practically nothing! WOW!!!! There is a whole new power and aliveness that has stepped up to the plate. Once I made the commitment to allow for the healing, a whole new window came into view to look out of. I totally believe in these teachings. Thank you with all of my heart for creating this program so clearly & so simply.I feel to have been here all along, but the darkness always shaded the light. It is so awesome to finally see all of the love & to feel all of the light. Life & living are beyond wonderful!!! I am thrilled for the next 7 weeks!! I love you & appreciate with all of my heart, all that you do and all that you are. 😊❤️❤️❤️"


"I was reluctant to commit to this program. But something inside just said, Just do it! (like Nike) Well as soon as I signed up, and I mean instantly, my depression of weeks lifted. Lisa, this is one powerful program. The energy enveloping it is off the charts. Bless you for bringing it to us!!!😇🙏😘"


"I feel like the Holy Spirit is actively speaking through Lisa Natoli without a filter - and it's alive and vibrant and fun and 8 days in and I'm already laughing as I am watching my world change""

Cyndi Krupp

"Thank you Lisa, you really are a healer! I love you"


"I just want to say that since I did The Healing Cure with Lisa Natoli my life has changed completely. Praise God and thank you Lisa again and again.I have been blessed with everything I could possibly have wanted and more. I am living my best life ever. Yes there are challenges, but they are just gifts that give me the opportunity to heal and see things differently. I am able, by the Grace of God to catch myself immediately when I start attacking, what a gift The Healing Cure is and how one's life changes when one applies the lessons. Glory to God & oodles of LOVE and blessings to Lisa and all my brothers and sisters on this path. Thank you. "



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