Read the experiences of people who have taken The Healing Cure.

"Lisa has made healing practical and simple." 

 The power of identifying with my True Self as holiness is something I learned from The Healing Cure and has been key for me. I see so much suffering right now and I just know that True Identification is the answer. Thank you Lisa for the Healing Cure! Truly unlike any program out there! More importantly thank you Lisa for showing up and shining so brightly, holding space for others to remember the truth, allowing their own healing to occur. I'm showing up and playing. I'm showing up and allowing. It's a whole new space for me.  -Blanca Rios


"Lisa Natoli is a true healer." 

"In my own journey, I've done a lot of psychoanalysis and a lot different programs but there has been none that has put me in touch with Spirit on the level of Lisa Natoli." -Kyle Boyd


"Working with Lisa is one of the best decisions I've ever made." 

"Thank you, Thank you, Lisa!

The Healing Cure is brilliant! You are the BEST GUIDE for the course. You help us take the concepts and then LIVE the joy that is our natural state!

Thank you again for being here with us. Today I learned how to keep truth alive in my life not waiting for any outer circumstance to give me permission to shine and be happy." - Carlie Hardy


"If you are ready to drop your story and embrace your Divinity, this is it." 

"I met Lisa at a time when I was seeking to bring forth a REAL message of deep healing and transformation from the inside out to my life and my business, I found that Lisa had something even better to offer ... instant and lasting transformation! Her message is authentic and comes from REAL experience and it is evident by the way she "walks her talk."  In fact, I can count on one hand the people I have met who genuinely are happy & peaceful, regardless of what is going on in their lives or what circumstances are happening...and Lisa is one of those people! If you don't feel inspired just by being in her presence and hearing her personal experience, then you will definitely get it through her deep understanding and teachings where she brings A Course in Miracles down to a "human" and actionable level like no one else I've encountered. If you are ready to just drop your stories and instead embrace your True Divinity, then please consider Lisa to be your guide!! Her light, power and authenticity flows through everything she does. I LOVE Her!!"
-Dr.Kyia,M.D. The Mind/Body/Spirit Doc

"I've become aware of perfect oneness."

"When I was going through a difficult time and feeling overwhelmed, I was so grateful for down-to-earth practices to bring me back to a state of peace, understanding and love.  Lisa’s approach to healing and transformation makes so much sense with her practical applications for learning and applying this material to return to truth.
I’ve become aware of perfect oneness, letting go of grievances and being vigilant only for God. Aware of my own light! I don’t want to play with sharp edged toys of conflict anymore and I’m a happy learner and know I am the light of the world. I love you so much Lisa."
-Terri Wade
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During the darkest time of my life, I was guided to Lisa Natoli. I am not exaggerating when I say her podcasts, her email messages, and her teachings helped me gain my footing and pulled me out of rock bottom. I listened to each of her podcasts, day and night. Slowly, with her help and A Course in Miracles, I steadied myself.

Fast forward four years, I was led to The Healing Cure Retreat in Mexico in 2019. 

The Retreat was life changing and amazing to meet Lisa in person. Words can not describe this woman. Everything you see and hear online is EXACTLY who she is. I have never met someone so authentic, so kind, and exudes so much joy. My life truly has completely changed.

My one big takeaway from The Healing Cure was Lisa really gave me the experiential learning of connecting to the Voice of God. I learned to become comfortable with sitting in stillness, asking questions, and expecting an answer. The practice I learned solidified into a habit. I now ask for everything!As a result, I have seen changes in my relationships. I have seen changes in my business. I have seen changes in my outlook on life. I am happier, I feel more secure and most importantly, I have this joy that is now just a part of me!"

-Kathy Leung Degen

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I've done and read so many other spiritual books & followed other teachings that made me feel that their lives seem to be swimming in happiness & I just didn't seem to be getting it!! Because I was always trying to do it perfectly & if I wasn't seeing changes (including with A Course in Miracles). I felt that I was not practicing correctly or consistently. With the Healing Cure and Lisa Natoli's work, I've learned to love myself.

Thanks to you Lisa and the The Healing Cure, I"m also learning to chill out - to allow and accept everything. I'm going v.e.r.y s.l.o.w.l.y. and I love it!! - Sharayu


Amazing. Amazing. Wow. Amazing.

It's only day six!!!! In all the spiritual "work" I've done in the past I've never had so many joyful shifts/miracles in so short a time as with The Healing Cure.  Wow. I love the assignments. I've found myself reclaiming the space around some of what I remember as real joys in my life but which I had perceived as being played down -- not good enough for those around me. My perceptions, but my oh my, the joy that has been loosened is remarkable. Miracles. It has even gone so far as me opening the door about the body simply being the vehicle for song and dance and creativity. 🙏😍 So grateful for this. 

Thank you so much Lisa for this amazing, fantastic program. I'm loving it!

Love and blessings,

Donna Nelson

Cancer Is Gone!


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